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About peter


Peter is an experienced composer and instrumentalist based in the suburban deserts of Phoenix, Arizona. Trained early on as a concert pianist, composer and percussionist Peter began working in the music industry in 2003 writing, performing and touring over the world with the group Scary Kids Scaring Kids (RCA Records).  

Currently he is composing for the video game developer, Industry Games, who is anticipating their first title "Kings and Heroes" which will be released in May 2016.  He is also finishing dual bachelor degrees in both Music Composition and Physics at Arizona State University.  He has had many public performance with solo performers and small ensembles. His music has been featured in many short films and on primetime & network TV through Warner Chappell and Reality Tune music libraries. He composed the music for Southwest Shakespeare's production of "The Tempest". Peter is a member of ASCAP.



You can listen to some of the works recently composed.

To contact Peter about solo or small chamber ensemble scores, please inquire to:


Here is my new website, I'm super busy, and I am not a web developer. However, I do like to figure these things out when I have the time. Do I have the time right now? Not at all.  Keep you posted!