Phoenix Art Museum Concert

In February 2016 I wrote a piece for String Trio entitled "High-Speed Gardening" inspired by the artwork "High-Speed Gardening" by Ed Ruscha.  It is an energetic and quite complex piece that is incredibly fun to play and listen to.  This Saturday, April 23rd @ 1pm I will have debut High-Speed Gardening at the Phoenix Art Museum in front of its inspired artwork.  Please come and enjoy and support other local composers who will be having their works debuted.

Meghan Ruel, Yeil Park & Gloria Yoon performing High-Speed Gardening by Peter Costa in front of it's inspired artwork.  



New website Launch

Well I really have to get to work, but I will let you know that I've been writing tons of music these last 6 months. Both for a concert hall environment and also for the upcoming title "Kings and Heroes" through industry games, a local developer here in Arizona.  On Saturday April 23rd, 2016 at 1:30pm I will have a piece for string trio entitled "High-Speed Gardening" premiered at the Phoenix Art Museum.  It is inspired by the print "High-Speed Gardening" by Ed Ruscha. 


Following that on April 26th "Kings and Heroes" will be released as an early access game on Steam. I am super excited about everything that's happening and hope to keep a somewhat update on what's going on over here.  Thanks!